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Therefore I construct guitars

Constructing guitars is due to my desire to have a good instrument of my own. But at the same time I feel a need to make out of this wonderful material wood more than only furniture or other profane items of practical use. Constructing this instrument offers, apart from the manufacturing aspect of forming such as sewing, planning, rasping and filing, both artistic and constructive possibilities of designing. It is a particular appeal for me to combine the guitarist's demands to the acoustic qualities and properties of a guitar with other things which make an instrument attractive. It is important for me to improve my skills and to broaden my knowledge of materials to such an extent that I am able to construct an instrument with the optimum of experience. My scheme for constructing an instrument begins with the selection of appropriate kinds of wood which are treated with the utmost carefulness by taking into consideration their natural development. The aim consists in most carefully selecting and joining the components such as soundboard, ribs, heel, neck and bridge to a harmonious group. To me it is a particularly exciting moment when the strings are put on for the first time as they make you hear whether it was worth all the efforts which had been put into each of my instruments. I want to give my guitars the expression of my passion for treating the wonderful material wood on the one hand, and my dedication to the music instrument on the other hand. Each of my guitars is unique, always in its efforts to meet my high requirements and to satisfy the musician's demands. Apart from the sound, it is also important for me that the construction of my instruments is due to careful and tasteful processing.

Matthias Ferenc Mák