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About me

Mattias Ferenc Mák When I began playing the guitar, I had the great desire to possess a better instrument. The decision to construct this instrument myself turned out to be one of the most import decisions in my career. In this respect I could profit from my profession as a carpenter because of my specialized knowledge of wood as such and of its handling.

Mattias Ferenc Mák

The particular aspect of constructing an instrument means for me to combine my professional skills with my love and compassion to classic guitar music.

Mattias Ferenc Mák Sometimes people ask me: "Isn't it difficult for you to give away one of your instruments after having been subject to such a long time of construction."
Then my answer to this question is again and again: "I construct them for musicians whose delight and appreciation of my guitars is always a new challenge to me."
I attach much importance to having enough time for constructing each single instrument.